What will happen during my consultation?

During your consultation Dr. Wardle will discuss your cosmetic surgery goals and how best to achieve them. The majority of your visit will be spent with Dr. Wardle personally.

Your consultation will last 30 minutes to an hour, depending on what type of procedure is being discussed. You will then meet with one of our coordinators who will provide you with a great deal of information regarding the procedure(s) discussed.

What will the surgery cost?

The cost of the surgery will vary depending on the type of procedure you are inquiring about. After your consultation you will be given an inclusive price. Our price includes Dr. Wardle’s fees, the operating room, nursing staff and anesthesia. All associated follow-up visits related to your surgery are also included in your original surgery fees.

Where will I have the surgery?

Dr. Wardle performs all of his aesthetic surgery procedures at an Accredited Outpatient Surgery Center in Kingston.

Why do I want surgery in an accredited facility?

An accredited facility certifies that the surgical facility meets nationally recognized standards through an accreditation program operated by experts who evaluate surgical facilities. In order for the facility to be accredited the Director must hold unrestricted hospital privileges in the local community in the specialty in which they are practicing and participate in a peer review program. The facility and personnel must also meet all standards of the accredited program.

Will the surgery be performed entirely by Dr. Wardle or partly by a
surgeon in training?

Dr. Wardle performs all of his surgeries. At no time will another surgeon be operating on you. Dr. Wardle also follows his patients closely post operatively. After surgery you will not be seen or have sutures removed by an RN or other healthcare professional (unless otherwise pre-arranged), only by Dr. Wardle.

Will I need someone to drive me home following my procedure?

In cases where you have undergone surgery involving the use of IV sedation or general anesthesia you must have someone drive you home unless an aftercare nurse has been arranged for you. If you have had a procedure under local anesthesia, this may not be necessary and will be discussed with you prior to surgery.

Will I need to have someone stay with me?

For major cosmetic procedures it is for your safety and comfort that someone stay with you at least for the first night. For some surgery, such as a facelift an aftercare RN may be provided the first night.

How long will swelling and bruising last?

During your initial consultation you will have been given information regarding the procedure you inquired about and a list of medications, herbs and food to avoid prior to surgery. Elimination of these will help decrease any bleeding, bruising or swelling you might have. Through years of experience Dr. Wardle has found that patients who follow these recommendations have a quicker recovery then those who do not.

How long will I be off work?

Recovery for various procedures varies greatly, anywhere from over the weekend to up to 2 weeks for extensive surgery. During your consultation Dr. Wardle will discuss this with you and what you can do to recover as soon as possible. You will be given instructions as to when you may bathe, drive and how many follow-up visits you will require.

What if I have more questions after my consultation?

We encourage our patients to have a minimum of two consultations prior to surgery. Even though it is cosmetic procedure, it is still surgery. After your initial consultation you will be given a packet of information customized for you regarding the procedure you inquired about. We want you to take it home, read through it, and return to get any other questions or concerns you might have answered by Dr. Wardle. We believe the more information a patient has the better the decision they will make.

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