Neck Lift


Remember that day, when you passed by the mirror in the hallway and thought you saw your mother’s neck reflecting back at you — how could it be ?!!, when did that happen ?!! I’m starting to look like my mother !!!
Typically, as we grow older, some fundamental changes to our skin tone and skin elasticity begin to show outwardly as distinctive signs of aging.  In the neck area in particular, sagging skin, deepening creases, worsening jowls and muscle bands remind us daily of the march of time.  Fortunately, there are several things we can do to rejuvenate the neck area including topical creams – for rejuvenating skin complexion and minimizing lines, liposuction – for reducing jowling and under chin fatty deposits and most importantly, a necklift (or platysmaplasty) for contouring the neck muscles and fat and tightening the neck skin.
The procedure of a necklift typically is performed under local anesthesia with sedation in an operating room setting.  Surgical times varies depending on several components including neck size, degree of lipodystrophy (amount of neck fat) and need for neck band modification, but on the whole, typically will take 2-4 hours.  Post operative recovery includes limited daily activities for approximately a week to 10 days and limited strenuous exertion for approximately a month.  All sutures are usually removed at 7-10 days following the procedure and patients typically return to work within 5-7 days.  Post-operative discomfort is mild to minimal and most patients will substitute post-op pain medications to simple Tylenol within a day or two following the procedure.  Showering is resumed two days after the surgery and only a simple head dressing is required the night of surgery, being removed completely the following morning with no further dressings required.
All in all, the results, as you can see from the before-and-after photos, can be dramatic and extremely natural.

So, when you get tired of wearing your mother’s neck, maybe it’s time to consider a necklift.

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